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Stop Saying ‘THANK YOU’ – Learn Smart English Phrases To Speak English Fluently

In order to speak English fluently and confidently you need to upgrade you English communication skills with smart English phrases for daily English conversation. In today’s English Speaking Practice lesson with Meera, you will learn 10 new ways to say Thank You in English. Saying Thank You is quite boring and doesn’t fit all situations where the person has indeed done some great favour or helped you out of the way. Use these smart English expressions to sound more smart in spoken English and speak English with confidence.

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Complete Lesson Transcript :

Hey everybody welcome back to Let’s Talk this is me your trainer Meera. Well ‘thank you’ two words combined have a really, really beautiful meaning to it, don’t you think so? But you know what they say these days, right? ‘Thank you’ is overrated and it’s said too many times. But guys who has asked you to say thank you every time? I have got, ten different variations the way you can thank people instead of saying the most overrated and overused phrase ‘thank you’. First thing to remember thank you are two different words so remember that because I have seen this mistake quite often thank you is not one word they’re two separate words and it’s a phrase. Alright, I’m going to quickly start the lesson because I’m super excited for it. The first up is “you are a peach”. Thank you, okay? Now even if you don’t want to say this, why are we seeing you are a peach? Where peach represents a fruit which is very, very sweet and people usually when they have a peach, they have a smile on their face and you are actually complimenting someone that you were such a sweet person to help me out and I thank you. That’s why I would probably call, I would say that you are a peach or you are a darling but it’s so much cooler and such a new way to actually mention and or say thank you. Okay, moving on to the next one, “you are my superhero”, okay? Imagine someone actually did something for you and they went out of their way. Probably you asked someone to book your train tickets or flight tickets and they did not even have time to do that yet they did it for you because you were in trouble. So what can you say to them? You can just quickly message them or call them and tell them that “you are a superhero”. Well another instance you are in your office and your boss comes to a desk and checks that were you working or were doing something else, there comes your friend and rescues you and talks to you about the project as though that’s what you were working on. Once the boss goes you can compliment your colleague and say you are my superhero you saved me thank you. Isn’t it nice and fun and simple? Well next up we have “the drink is on me”. Probably at this time you are so happy that someone helped you that whether it’s alcohol or non-alcoholic you tell them that hey you know what just drink up I’d pay for them because I’m so happy because you helped me in something and this is my way of thanking you so “the drink is on me”, okay? Well next we would like to say, “I owe you one”. What does that mean? That means someone has done a favor, right? Now there are different ways, people also write… both are the same and both are equally correct, “I owe you one” which actually means someone has done you a favor and you have to return it back to them whenever you feel like but you tell them you make sure that you tell them that hey you helped me this one time I will make sure I will help you again when the time is right and when you need my help so this one is on me and I owe you one back and probably then they can expect something from you, alright? Okay moving on from there, “a big bear hug waiting for you”. Someone has been so sweet to you, someone has actually done something that you really wanted someone else to do and you can just thank them by saying you know why I’m gonna come there I’m going to give you a nice big bear hug the way a bear’s hug is warm and soft and that’s a way of just simply saying thank you. “Big bear hug” means a warm hug or a warm thank you mm-hmm, okay… next up “my stomach wants to thank you”. You must have guessed it by now, it’s all about yummy food. You go to someone’s house probably a friend or your friend’s mother and they cook delicious barbecue and pizzas and hotdogs don’t you think you must thank them? But then you realize just a plain simple thank you is not going to do justice, so you can always tell them but I am thankful but my stomach too wants to thank you, right? This is related to food usually that’s a new way to compliment and thank someone at the same time. So go ahead and use it the next time you eat yummy food even if it is in a restaurant you can go in tell the chef that hey you know what thank you so much my stomach wants to thank you too. Fun right? Moving on “this means a lot to me.” Another very, very decent way of saying well the ones that I’ve mentioned here are truly informal and for your loved ones your friends and family but this one you can also say to in a professional way or something to someone formally as well which is completely fine. “This means a lot to me” thank you. That means someone did something for you and it meant tremendously a lot to you probably someone ended up giving you a chance to interview in a company you wanted to well then not only you owe them one but also it means a lot to you and that’s another way of thanking someone. Okay “thanks for having my back”. Usually your friends and your family are the ones who would make this gesture for you. That means someone has helped you in a way that you were falling apart not literally but yes even probably literally and you were on a stage or something and you forgot something and someone came and supported you and that is having someone’s back. That’s supporting, okay? Supporting your friends and family and that is when you have their back. One way to thank them thanks for having my back guys. Thanks for having my back dude, thank you so much. Don’t you think it’s a very gentleman way of thanking someone? Well go ahead and use it the next time. Next up we have is “how thoughtful of you”. Someone has done something for you with complete conscious efforts that hey I’m going to go visit someone’s house for dinner I will make sure that I probably carry a bottle of wine or probably dessert for sweets right and then the host or hostess can always say hey how thoughtful of you that you’ve got this with you. Another way of thanking someone right, mind mindfully helping someone okay that’s being thoughtful as in mindful. You were being smart you were being careful and you gifted someone that that they needed something that they needed that’s being very thoughtful and that’s why you were mindful when you did that, okay? Moving on to the last one my favorite can be used for informally specifically and that is “Cheers” a way of actually saying thank you with your heart out with your probably hands out and your face up and you go like cheers thank you so much that’s great. You can type a message with Cheers or you can say it out loud well that calls for a celebration but we’re going to end a lesson here today. Never mind I’m going to come back with another very thoughtful and very interesting lesson for all of you just like today until then make sure that you practice, you keep smiling, probably you thank someone in a new way, I will see you very soon this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, bye.

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