Stop Speaking English like a Beginner | Common Old School English Mistakes

You have learned some English phrases as a beginner, but those phrases are redundant or sound Old school today.  You are wondering why is your English not going to the Advanced level and you are stuck being a beginner in English. This English lesson covers 5 Common English mistakes made by learners which would never progress their English speaking skills and shatter their dream to speak English like a native speaker. It’s high time that you let go of the overused English phrases and learn some interesting alternative phrases to speak English like a pro.  You native English teacher Kat, has selected a set of English phrases that make you sound as if you are still learning English or you have limited knowledge of the English language. Watch the complete lesson to learn some interesting English vocabulary and expressions that would make your English sound close to a native.

Alternatives to Old School English Phrases

Old school Phrase
Hello, How are you?

Alternative Phrases

  • Hello, how are you doing today?
  • Hello, how are you doing this morning?
  • Hey! How’s it going?
  • Hey! How you doing?
  • Hi there, what’s up?

Old school Phrase
I am fine, and you?

Alternative Phrases

  • I am good , I was ill, but I’m feeling much better now.
  • Ah! I’ve been doing great, thanks for asking. I’ve just come back from a trip from Bali.
  • I’m hanging in there, it’s just been a rough lately.
  • How about you?

Old school Phrase
How old are you?

Alternative Phrases

  • When was it that you attended college?
  • What was the date of your graduation?
  • How long has it been since your graduation?
  • How old were you when you got married?
  • How old were you when you came to the city for the first time?
  • How old were you when you moved here?

Old school Phrase
Are you from….?

Alternative Phrases

  • Where did you grow up?
  • Where did you learn that language from?
  • Where about did you go to school?

Old school Phrase
Did you eat dinner?

Alternative Phrases

  • Do you always eat at around 6 PM?
  • Do you always eat at around this time?
  • What did you grab for breakfast /dinner today?
  • How was your breakfast this morning?
  • Where did you go to get your breakfast today?
  • What café did you go this morning for lunch?
  • That’s not too bad.
  • You probably should have something.
  • If you like eating lobsters, do you want me to call them?

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