Talking about Summer in English – Summer Vocabulary

 In this English speaking lesson you will learn some interesting English vocabulary to talk about summer and improve your English speaking. The temperature has started rising, it’s hot ,it’s sunny, people like to go the beach or on a holiday. Yes, It is Summer Season! In this lesson we will look at some general vocabulary to talk about the summer season.

Boiling hot –

It is a common expression for describing a very hot day .
Example – It is boiling hot today we all should go swimming.

Scorching –

Extremely hot
Example – It was a scorcher today ,we didn’t even step out of the house.

Sweltering –

Uncomfortably hot. When it is excessively hot and humid and is marked by sweating and faintness.
Example – There was no air conditioning in the conference room and we all were sweltering.

Stifling –

A very hot room or hot air that causes difficulties in breathing.
Example – The air was stifling in the closed room.

Roasting –

When the weather is very hot and dry.
Example – The torrid sands of Sahara have left me roasted.

Searing –

Extremely hot and intense
Example – I can’t take the searing heat of the sun.

Heat Wave –

A period of  extremely hot weather that is much higher than usual and is accompanied by high humidity.
Example – This heat wave is killing us, we need to buy an air conditioner immediately.

Heat Stroke –

A flu like condition that one acquires after being exposed to very high temperatures.
Example – Bring lots of water and wear a hat to avoid heat stroke in this hot weather.

Sunburn –

Reddening and inflammation and in severe cases blistering of the skin caused by over exposure to the harmful UV ray of the sun.

Sun Tanning –

It is the process whereby the skin colon is darkened. It is a result of exposure to UV radiation from the sun or from artificial sources such as tanning bed. People also engage in sun bathing to get tanned.

Sunscreen lotion –

Sunscreen lotions or crèmes protects you from unwanted and harmful UV rays that tend to damage your skin.

Sunglasses /Shades –

Dark eye wear to protect you from the sun.

We hope this English speaking lesson has helped you to learn some useful English vocabulary to speak about summer in English.

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