Survival English phrases for non-native English speakers.

Do you struggle while speaking English and often find it difficult to speak to native English speakers. In this spoken English lesson Niharika teaches  survival  English phrases that would be useful for you if you are travelling to an English speaking country or if you deal with a lot of native English speakers, certainly, these phrases would come handy while communicating.

Generally used – My English is terrible.
Alternative phrase – I am working on improving my English.

Generally used –  Sorry for my bad English.
Alternative phrase – English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Generally used – I don’t understand, what….?
Alternative phrase – Could you repeat that, please?

Generally used – Do you understand?
Alternative phrase – Let me repeat that for you.

We hope these English phrases would be a great help for you the next time you are speaking to native English speakers.

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