Talking about different types of TEA.

In this English lesson you will learn about different types of tea. When we talk about tea, what comes to your mind? Aroma,taste,tradition and social …


Adjectives to describe food in English.

Food is something that everyone loves and lives for ! The taste of food though is so varied that describing food can sometimes be very challenging . You will …


Describing a party in English.

We all love to attend parties, be it birthday parties,office parties, anniversary parties and so on. How do we describe a party we attend? In this Spoken …


Internet laughter slang words

In this English lesson you will see how Internet has changed the world, therefore the way we express amusement has also changed. It’s fascinating to see …


Baby Animals names in English.

I am sure as a kid you have learned a few baby animal names. This English lesson will help you to learn some common babby animal names which would help you to …


Common Past Time Expressions In English

Finished watching the lesson, now it’s time to test how much you’ve learned from this lesson. Take the quiz below : We all talk about actions that …

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