How to talk to any girl without being creepy? Approach Girls Confidently | Dating Advice

Most guys hesitate to approach girls and talk to them, while some men can talk with any girl confidently. What do these men do differently that makes them acceptable. In today’s personal development training video with Niharika, grab some useful dating advice and communication skill tips to approach and talk to any girl confidently without any hesitation. If you are planning to go on a date soon, these dating advices would be extremely useful to avoid being creepy on your first date, don’t you want to have many more dates with your newly found crush. 

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hello friends! Well, thank you for clicking on yet another very interesting session. Now I know it’s very daunting to approach someone of the opposite sex, especially for the guys well after all a man is supposed to take the first step, am i right? So guys I totally understand that pressure. I know what you feel. Well in most cultures we are taught everything except for one social skill, well I call that ‘dating’ or ‘relationship skills’. The truth is that if you have great social skills well you will have a great dating life. So people it’s time for you to learn what your teacher did not teach you in school or probably your mom was not very comfortable teaching you. Today’s session will show you how you can approach a girl without being creepy. Well I believe that this session will not only help you with starting relationships with someone that you really like but guess what, it will also help you to build or tone up your social skills. So stay tuned with me, I am Niharika and you are watching me on ‘Skillopedia’, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well here’s the first thing, you need to “stop being over romantic”. Well the fact is that your life is so different from what you see in the movies. In the movies a girl is always approached with a bunch of flowers or probably a guy playing an amazing song on the guitar or some cute poem which is written on the box of chocolates, oh! So romantic. Honestly as a girl I would really love all of that, I mean I would appreciate the gesture but you know what, as a person or girl I would like to know that guy more. So you know being romantic is wonderful but it can be a little cheesy too. So what I would advise you is that you use that extra romance on maybe one of your third or the fourth dates assuming that you two are now a little more comfortable. Please don’t do all of this on the very first date because that’s creepy. Well here’s the next one, “no stalking”. Well of course we love social media and because of social media well access to people’s lives is pretty easy. I mean you can just go onto Facebook and Instagram and pretty much figure out where someone partied over the last weekend or what food you like or what color you totally love to wear. So don’t start your conversation telling your crush that I know you love the pink color, well your Instagram stories are full of pink color. Okay, well believe you me these comments are not impressive. It just shows that you have been stalking her, following her, understanding what she does in her personal life. I’m sure she’s not gonna look back. So avoid stalking or making comments that show that you know so much about her already. Well here’s the next thing “finding a common ground”. Well I believe that whether you want to make friends or just start a new relationship, well you can do that successfully if you understand what’s common between you two. Yes! Something common, well that will be fantastic. So probably you love watching movies and guess what the girl that you’re interested in she loves movies too. Wow! So here’s something common in you two. So what happens? Well your conversations are so smooth. She finds you super interesting and definitely would like to date you couple of more times, right? So this always works be it with your friends or be it with your crush or the woman that you’re interested in. Something that’s common gets the conversation going. Common likes or dislikes make people feel that they can trust you more and let’s face it she will trust you and also you would be more comfortable because you two can have such great conversations. Here’s the next thing “listening”. Now as you are approaching the girl, you so want to talk to her and know about her. You have so many questions for her, well after all you really want to get her, right? So while you do that it’s absolutely fine but, make sure that you don’t over talk. Well it’s time for you to listen to her. Yes! I mean just by bragging about yourself and not letting her to talk, that’s not interesting. Well, let her speak as much as she wants. All you have to do is, listen and of course mean it. Actually listen and not pretend to. Make sure you understand and learn things about her. Here’s the next thing, “make a personal connection”. Now once you have listened enough and you have got to know the girl pretty well, what’s the next thing that you do? Well you take it to the next level. Now you can make a personal connection with her, how do you do that? Well you can tell her that you would like to stay in touch and if she is okay with it then you can ask for her number. But let her know that why you want to stay in touch with her. Maybe you should tell her that you found her interesting, maybe you should tell her that you are such an amazing person. Well this will not sound creepy, trust me. It’s just that things that you would like to do together that’s what the next level should be. So you know you can go ahead catch up with her again over a cup of coffee or probably watch a movie together and take that privilege for something that she loves. Now this will eventually lead to sharing phone numbers and yes there you go I’m sure if she ends up giving you the phone number which means she likes you. Well here’s the next thing and the most important one, “don’t mention your ex-lovers”. Now I know you are supposed to share the common ground but don’t share too much. Well what I mean is that if you know that the girl’s ex-boyfriend is her best friend or probably someone that you know, you didn’t have to mention that be it your ex-lover or be it her ex-lover, you don’t want to make her uncomfortable on the very first date, that’s definitely creepy. So dude please take your ex connections, your past completely out of the first meeting, okay? You really don’t want to show that you’re still involved or still pretty much in that relationship that you had with the past girl. So you can eventually let her know about your past but not at the moment. Well here’s the next one, “don’t be too awkward”. We have talked about how daunting approaching the opposite sex is, but as awkward as you feel, keep your nerves in control. Make sure you take a deep breath before you start the first conversation or just have a cup of coffee so that you calm yourself down. Use the right kind of humour, alright? Just make sure that you don’t crack silly jokes. Something that she would be not impressed about and something that is out of taste. Now this will show that you are feeling awkward if you end up cracking silly stupid jokes and it can be a little offensive too. So remember guys please don’t feel too awkward. So guys that’s about it on this session today. Hope now you are well equipped with the things that you need to do if you find a cute girl and you’re super interested in her. Don’t worry you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be nervous either, it’s alright but yes these are the points that you need to note down so that you do not sound creepy and eventually your first date will become or convert into many more dates. I’ll be back soon till then you take care and enjoy dating.

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