Talking about addictions in English

In this lesson, you will learn few words and phrases that will help you to talk about addiction.

  1. To be addicted to: means you can’t do without something.

Example: John is addicted to smoking.

  1. Addict: John is a television addict.
  2. Addictive: Gambling can be quite addictive.
  3. To overcome a habit: means to no longer be addicted to be something

John overcame his addiction to something.

  1. To kick a habit: to get rid of a habit.

Ryan wants to kick the habit of smoking.

 General words used to show a person is an addict: add ‘holic’

  1. Alcoholic: someone who can’t do without drinking.
  2. Workaholic: a person who works 24/7 and has no social life.
  3. Shopaholic: people addicted to shopping
  4. Webholic: someone who loves surfing the internet
  5. Chocoholic: someone who can’t resist chocolates and must eat a few of them daily

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