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Talking about Body Noises in English — English Vocabulary Lesson

Our beautiful Body does have an ability to produce weird noises, so what exactly they are called in English. Thats what you are going to learn in this lesson today.
At times these noises are little embarrassing especially, if you are in a classroom , at a Dinner table or you are in a meeting, and what if your body produces one of those weird noises. Wow! it can get really embarrassing, isn’t it, Watch the lesson and learn how you can get out of this situation, how you can excuse yourself out of this situation.

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One thought on “Talking about Body Noises in English — English Vocabulary Lesson”

  1. bsme614 says:

    Great teaching Maam Niharika. You’re really able to drive home the meaning and concept of every lesson you shared to us. You’re such a Great English Teacher who can catch every viewers attention since you have that very lively presence. I love the way you do it Maam. You’ve been helping me learn new things in English since I subscribed in your program and it is through the lessons you are feeding and dispensing to all your subscribers. Hope it’ll not end.

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