Talking about ‘Coffee’ – Cappuccino, Latte’, Mochaccino……

These are certain words that you may come across in regards to coffee. A brief description is given below.
1. Cappuccino – originated from Italy. It uses foamed milk and also less steamed milk and is served in a glass on a saucer.
2. Latte’ – originated from America. This drink uses regular heated milk and is served in a porcelain cup.
3. Espresso – is a very strong coffee. This is brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee beans.
4. Iced Coffee – coffee made with cold ingredients. It’s similar to a milkshake only with coffee in it.
5. Mochaccino – it’s got a doze of chocolate. It’s actually chocolate flavored variant of latte’.
6. Drip Coffee – coffee brewed in a coffee machine that has paper filters or wire mesh filters.
7. Coffee Aficionado – are those people who strive to get the best coffee possible. They usually buy beans and grind it themselves. They also buy fair trade beans meaning that they buy from farmers who were treated properly or fairly.
8. Light/dark – usually coffee aficionados pay attention to the color of the coffee beans that is how light or dark they have been roasted.
9. Caffeine Habit – caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee and people form a habit of drinking coffee too frequently.
10. Caffeine Fix – when people say that they need their caffeine fix it means to drink coffee to stay fresh and alert for a few hours.
11. Wired up – It’s a feeling that one has after drinking a huge amount of coffee.
12. Decaf – coffee that does not have caffeine in it. People usually drink decaf so that they are not wired up.
13. Caffeinated coffee – coffee that does contain caffeine.

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  • Hello ,thanks for the lesson .Now is clear how to pronounce “latte” .Really , known dictionaries don’t give it .

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