Talking about different types of TEA.

In this English lesson you will learn about different types of tea. When we talk about tea, what comes to your mind? Aroma,taste,tradition and social gathering, well all these beautiful elements are associated with the wonderful beverage called TEA. There are different types of tea available in the market. Many people have no idea about how it should be taken or even served. China and Japan have a very rich tradition of serving the tea while in INida it is a must have morning beverage.


Below are the various types of Tea:-

English Breakfast – This is one of the most popular type of tea developed hundred years ago by a Scottish Tea Master Dry dale. It was marketed simply as Breakfast Tea however it became very popular in England and eventually the Tea shops in London renamed it as English Breakfast Tea. It is a blend of fine black teas including the Keemun tea. Well it is named as English Breakfast Tea because the aroma of this blended tea is like a hot toast from the oven. It is served with milk or lemon.

Irish Breakfast – The Irish have always been great tea drinkers and they drink their tea brewed very strong. Usually it is blended from an Assam tea base and has a robust flavor and is served with sugar and milk.

Earl Grey – Earl Grey is named after a person who was a president of England under William IV. Tea legends say that a Chinese Mandarin gave the blend to him seeking to influence the trade relations. It is a smoky tea with a hint of sweetness and is served plain. It is generally a blend of black teas and bergamot oil.

Black Teas / Darjeeling Tea – It refers to the tea grown in the mountain area of India. The mountain altitude and the gentle misting rains of the region produce a unique full bodied but light flavor with a subtly lingering aroma reminiscent of Muscatel. It is served plain or with lemon but never with milk. Milk totally ruins the unique qualities of this tea.

Oolong – The elegant tea also known as the champagne of teas was originally grown in the Fukien province of China and now grown in Taiwan. This type of tea is a cross between the black and the green teas and is fermented to achieve a delicious fruity taste that makes milk lemon and sugar unthinkable.

Green Tea – Green tea is made from the leaves from Camellia Sinensis that have gone through minimal oxidation during processing. It has great health benefits.

White tea – White tea is the lightest and the purest type of tea with a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. It is grown and harvested in China It is made from unopened and the youngest buds and the softest leaves of the tea plant and then left to wither a little in the sunlight. The leaves are lightly processed to prevent oxidation. White tea does contain caffeine but at very much lower levels than black tea or coffee.

Masala Chai or Masala Tea ( Indian Tea with spices ) – Prepared with the boiling of black tea with water and milk and adding spices like cinnamon , cardamom , pepper or even ginger. Generally sugar is used for sweetening the tea. The spices create a nice aroma and is refreshing. The tea has health benefits as will like it helps in digestion also helps to relax sore throat and lowers the cholesterol level.

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