Talking about girls you like and dislike.

In this English lesson, we are going to cover talking about girls. We will primarily cover commenting on traits you like or dislike. Don’t worry ladies, we will have a session about guys later on.

Useful phrases to describe what type of girls you like

  • “I like a girl with a lot of curves.”
  • “I like all girls with a great body.”
  • “I like skinny girls.”
  • “I like a girl with smooth skin.”
  • “Since I’m pretty tall, I want a tall skinny girl.”
  • “I like a girl who likes to have fun.”
  • “I like girls who are smart. I can’t stand airheads.”
  • “I like all pretty girls.”
  • “It’s important that the girl is smart and intelligent.”
  • “A good and fun personality is the most important trait I look for in a girl.”
  • “I want to meet a Blonde girl.
  • “I like athletic girls because I like to play sports.”

Describing types of girls you don’t like


  • “I can’t stand girls with attitude.”
  • “I hate stuck up girls.”
  • “The worst kind of girls are high maintenance girls.”
  • “Stay away from nagging girls. You’ll want to kill yourself after a month with them.”
  • “I don’t like weak girls who can’t take care of themselves.”
  • “You might think rich girls are a blessing, but they constantly nag at you to make more money.”
  • “I don’t like skinny girls who are like toothpicks. It’s just gross.”

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