Talking about physical appearance in English.

In this English you will learn how to talk about physical appearances of people in English.  English language has a variety of words to describe a person’s physical appearance. The words are quite specific depending on the physical characteristic you are describing. In this lesson, let’s learn how to describe a person’s appearance  :

Height – Short / Average / Tall
Example – Mike is a very tall guy.
Build / Weight – Skinny / Slim / Slender / Chubby / Plump / Obese / Stout
Example – Donna is quite slim.
Complexion – Wheatish (Brown) / Tanned / Dark-skinned / White
Hair Length – Bald / Short / Shoulder length / Long
Hair Style – Straight / Wavy / Curly
Hair Color –  Blonde / Redhead / Grey / Brunette
Eyes – The color of the Eyes ( Blue,Green,Brown,Grey) Big and small , Squint (Eyes are not aligned)
Facial Features – Beard / Mustache / Pimples / Dimples / Mole

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