Talking about ‘Rain’ – ( Vocabulary)

In English talking about the weather is the most common thing. At times we wake up with heavy rainfall or sometimes its just light rain. So, let’s have look at the phrases used to talk about rain.

Drizzle – Light rain, fine rain drops
Example – We can just quickly get to the subway as it’s just drizzling.
Downpour – A heavy rainfall.
Example – This incessant downpour is driving me crazy.
Bucketing Down – Heavy Rains
Example – I think you should stay back as it’s bucketing down.
Torrential Rain – Heavy Rains ( Commonly used by the media)
Example – The city experiences torrential rain last evening.
Scattered Showers – On and off rain for short periods throughout the day. (Commonly used by the weather forecast department)
Example – The city will experience scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow.
Raining cats and dogs – To rain heavily (Idiom)
Example – I didn’t go for my class as it was raining cats and dogs.
Flood – Overflow of large amount of water
Damp – to be slightly wet
Drenched – Fully wet
Soaked – Fully wet
A clap of thunder – Rumbling sound of the clouds in the sky.
A bolt of lightning – A flash of light in the sky.

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