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Talking about Sadness in English

It’s unfortunate that there seems to be more negative emotion than positive ones. Being sad, unhappy and depressed is a common emotion that we must deal with. While dealing with these negative emotions, it is good to talk about how you feel. Let’s get started so you can say how bad you feel in English.

here are several ways to express you are sad by using different words such as i feel low, down, gloomy etc  You feel sad and depressed due to loneliness, boredom, or you miss your friends and family or something very unfortunate thing has happened that depresses u .Here are some useful expressions for expressing or talking about sadness

Down in the mouth – When you look down in the mouth you look depressed and unhappy. Down in the mouth is the way you look when the corners of your mouth are turned down because you are unhappy.

Examples of use:

1. You’re looking down in the mouth. What’s the problem?

 Down in the dumps (or in the dumps) – To be down in the dumps is to be depressed or miserable.

Examples of use:

  1. He’s been down in the dumps ever since he lost his job.
  2. Sharon is down in the dumps because her boyfriend has gone on holiday without her.

Reduced to tears

When someone or something reduces you to tears, they make you feel so unhappy that you cry.

Examples of use:

  1. My boss reduced me to tears when he shouted at me.
  2. Her mother reduces her to tears with her constant criticism.


Feeling blue or to have the blues – To feel (or look) blue is to feel (or look) depressed or unhappy.The colour blue is often associated with feelings of sadness and depression.

Examples of use:

1. I’m feeling blue today.

2. She has the blues because she hasn’t seen her boyfriend for a week.
Lump in your throat

If you have a lump in your throat, you have a tight feeling in your throat because of a strong emotion such as sadness or gratitude.

1. The movie was so touching that i had a lump in my throat


Face like a wet weekend

When you seem to be very unhappy from all outward appearances your face looks like a wet weekend.

1. Mom’s face is like a wet weekend because the food didn’t taste good.

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