Talking About Types of Shops in English.

In this lesson you will learn the different names that we use for various types of shops in English. So, English learners below are few of them that you should know if you are learning English.

Butcher Shop – A shop in which you can buy meat, poultry and sometimes fish too.

Fishmonger’s – A shop that sells fish only.

Florist’s – A shop that sells flowers and small decorative plants.

Convenience Store – A small shop is open for long hours and is located in residential areas. One can buy variety of goods from a convenience store such as junk food, drinks, toiletries, magazines etc.

Confectionery Store – A Sweet Shop that sells assorted sweets and treats especially for kids.

Bakery – A place where bread, cookies, muffins and other baked items are sold.

Tobacconist – A shop that sells tobacco, cigarettes etc

Pharmacy/ Drug Store – A shop that sells prescribed or non prescribed medicines.

Greengrocer’s – A shop that mainly sells fruits and vegetables

Grocery Store – A store that primarily sells food items.

Department Store / Hyper Markets /Big box Store – A large retail establishment that sells a wide range of consumer goods such as clothing, food items, furniture books etc . Example (Wal-Mart)

Antique Shop – A shop that sells vintage , old valuable objects.

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