The difference between ‘in’ and ‘Inside’

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1. There’s nothing ______ the box, it’s empty.


2. The bird is flying _____ the sky.


3. The other bird is _______ the cage.


4. The medicine is ________ the syringe.


5. She looked at me directly ______ the eye.


6. She put the money ________ the envelope.


7. I am not _____ the village now.


8. The fire ______ the stove is really hot.


9. The lady is ____ her mid- twenties.


10. There are six horses ________the barn.


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In this lesson, you will learn the difference between ‘in’ and ‘inside’. They cannot be used interchangeably.


In is used in general in the context, to be at a place or participate in something. It does not always mean that you are confined to walls.

  • Example: I am in the group. (participate in the group)
  • Example: We are in China. (not ‘inside’ as you are not confined to walls)
  • Example: The students stood in a circle. (formed a circle)
  • Example: The jacket comes in four sizes. (available in 4 sizes)


Inside is used when you say something is physically enclosed or confined to a barrier.

  • Example: The clothes are inside the wardrobe. ( the clothes are confined to the walls of the wardrobe)
  • Example: The books are inside the drawer. (physically enclosed)
  • Example: The students stood inside the circle. (they were inside the boundaries of the circle drawn on the ground)
  • Example: The mobile is inside the pocket.

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  • Thanks ,it was a well done work .It took just 1.15 sec to listen to this video and things were clear ,what is what for .

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