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The difference between ‘of ‘and ‘off’.

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I am tired ____ walking.


Don’t take ______your coat, you’ll feel cold.


There is a 50% ______ at the new mall tomorrow.


We will get ________ at the next station.


He wore a jacket made _______ pure leather.


Our school reopens on 10th _____ August.


A lot ______ data is in the pen drive.


Don’t run ________ without telling me the full story.


Turn _______ the volume of the music player, it’s too high!


We are fed up ______studying.


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A lot of people get confused when they have to use the two words ‘of’ and ‘off’. Though they sound the same, but their usage is very different. They cannot be used interchangeably.

Of: shows connection

  1. The hat is made of
  2. I eat a handful of(shows an amount/quantity)
  3. Sarah is a friend of(shows the relationship between the two)
  4. John is born on 1st of(connects the date and month)
  5. He gave her a ring of(consisting)


Off: always shows disconnection

  1. Take off your hat. (remove your hat)
  2. Stay off nuts for a few months. (stay away)
  3. She always runs off without saying goodbye. (run away from a place)
  4. His birthday is a long way off. (far away from today)
  5. The wedding is called off. (cancelled)

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