Skillopedia – How to think BIG?

This soft skills session by Skillopedia with Michelle, teaches you the habit of thinking big that differentiates successful people from non-successful people. Thinking big starts with a thought and leads to an action. Thinking big is imagining the unimaginable and doing the impossible. When we think big we are able to carry the weight of our success because this kind of thinking has its roots deep down. If you think big you will surely be big. This session is all about learning how to develop the habit of thinking big. My name is Michelle and I am glad to have you with me today.

Look at the bigger picture

To become a person who thinks big you have to incorporate this way of thinking in every area of your life. Think big about your schedule and your daily tasks. This can happen only if you unleash your imagination and start thinking out of the box. You should strive to be a problem solver and not a problem creator. The kind of solutions you provide should be for the benefit of all.

Step out of your own shoes

The key to thinking big is to step out of your own personality into someone who is more creative and bolder than you. Start thinking like a child and be fearless to try new things. If you were asked to climb a tree you would think twice but a child would do it at the first opportunity. We need to start thinking like someone who has achieved more than us and learn from their hard work. Think of a scientist he needs to work meticulously until he finally achieves his goal and this is also true for an athlete who must persevere till the end to win the race. So the challenge is right before you all your need to do is wear the shoes that fit you best.

Limit the habit of thinking small

There are some habits that lead us to thinking big while some that hinder this very process. These are the habits that cause us to think small and to look at the immediate results rather than the long term consequences. For example, procrastination holds us back from looking at the results of delaying an urgent task simply for the momentary pleasure. This is one habit that can delay your success.

Negative thinking has the capacity to ride us off of all the energy that we possess for performing. Beware of it and ward it off to stay energized.

Overcoming the fear of failure

As we need to limit the habit of thinking small, we also need to limit the fear of failure which can paralyze our success. The fear of failure is the worst kind of fear because it stops us from trying. We need to apply the trial and error strategy to attain. It’s necessary to remember that a winner is born in danger zone and not comfort zone.

Cultivate the habit of thinking big

The final tip is to cultivate habits that lead to thinking big.

Firstly, focus on your words. Are you a complainer or a motivator? Your words are a reflection of your future, so speak positive. Secondly, think forward. This means that you need to start thinking a few steps ahead in order to win. Lastly, believe in your goal. See it materializing before your eyes by envisioning it.



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