How to think in English? | STOP Translating & Speak Fluently, Clearly & Naturally like a Native with this simple step.

If you ask me a question how to speak English fluently and confidently like a native, my answer would be – STOP translating in your native language and Learn How to think in English to speak English clearly and naturally. Yes, Thinking in English would help you Improve your thought process and have good English conversations as you would not have to wait for words and sentences. You would start speaking fluent English easily if you are able to think in English, the same way as you think in your mother tongue. Watch this complete English lesson by Niharika as she unveils  5 simple steps to learn how to start thinking in English. This English tips would certainly take your English to the next level.

This video is part of our English Unplugged series shot in Auckland, New Zealand. This series is an attempt to make learning engaging and fun to learn

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Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hi there, thank you for clicking, I’m Niharika, your English trainer for this lesson today. I’m so glad that you could make it for another lesson with me because this will take you to the right approach to learning, yeah, well I guess the birds want to learn too, right? But you may wonder what is the wrong approach then? Are you wondering? Well you need to ask yourself a very honest question, when you have to answer a question in English, do you think about answer in your native lounge? Or do you try to translate in English? And do you get frustrated when you find out that this was just wasting your time, and it actually didn’t help you to learn, yeah, because your English would not get any better, if you think in your native language, yes. You need to stop translating your native lounge and start thinking in English. Do thing it’s easier than done? I don’t think so, because I’m going to show you a few steps that will teach you to think in English and that will definitely increase your English fluency in no time. So stay tuned with me meanwhile we discover, how to learn English the right way?

Firstly you need to work-out, no… I’m not talking about hitting the gym, I’m talking about exercising your English Language muscle, yes. Did you know on an average, you might know at least minimum of two or three languages. So let’s just assume that you were born in India, and you grew up learning three languages. Now which happen to be your native languages and the third language is English. Now the first two languages get spoken the most because you speak them with your parents, with your friends, with postman, with the driver, with the taxi driver. Now just about everyone. So you are exercising the native language muscles in your brain. Now because speaking any language excessively, exercises the muscle of that particular language too. How bout working out for English too? Now if you speak English only to your teacher in school, or probably a span of just one hour with your friends, are you gonna get fluency, fluent in English? Are you gonna be fluent enough? Therefore the idea to train your English muscle to be used a lot more than you do. In order to do that you need to first buy an online or probably an English Dictionary. That will give you the meaning of words in English. Now it doesn’t translate into any other language yeah, make sure that’s it’s purely an English Dictionary. You will learn its meanings and definitely this will help you to make sentence too. Now this is essential. Well it means that you are going to get more exposure to English language because you are not only learning new English words, but in your mind you get a chance to think about it on how and where you can use this word in the right manner. Now the more you indulge in that, the more you’re working out the English muscles. So that makes your English stronger and of course it makes you think more in English langue than in your native language.

Well here’s the next thing, well thinking in English. Now that you have already started working out that English muscle, well try thinking in English too, now to do that, you just need to come with scenarios that require you to think in a more responsible way, it means that your response, should be in English. Take a piece of paper and imagine, that you are at the airport, now if you have to board flight, pen down the words that you will use in relation to this topic. After having done that try to make sentences using these words, yes. I mean how would you use these words in your future conversations. So you think you can use sentences like, um, “Hey I would like to take the window seat please” Or if you are gonna be in the flight and you see the flight attendant and you need something try to practice that. English is based on anyone who believes that if you work-out on these scenarios and be prepared, oh your English conversations are gonna be so much fun.

Next is correcting yourself. So important, I mean people think that when you are, speaking in English probably you are not making mistakes, of course we all do mistakes, be it learning a new language, learning a new skill be it anything. But what’s the integral part of learning. Well you learn from your mistakes only if these mistakes are corrected. So since we are going to learn English, if is an important thing that we correct ourselves. Now how do you do that? Why you are practicing to think in English, if you feel that you have not understood the way a word has to be used like the ways word has to be used in a sentence or if you feel that the word could be used in more than one or two ways, oh then sure you can definitely try doing that. Make a list, make a list of all the possible mistakes that you have made. Well now you can show this list to probably your teacher or to your friend or to someone who is really good at English. Now this person will help you understand, what are the mistakes and how to use the language in the correct way. As you keep taking feedbacks from other people and if you implement it, oh your fluency is definitely gonna improve. In fact in next six months you will be surprised that your sentence construction and your vocabulary and your confidence in speaking English.

Next is practice speaking, well since you have learned to think in English, now you have also worked in correcting yourself with some help, you must now implement what you have learned. Which means that it’s now time to practice speaking in English with other people. Oh don’t be scared. Don’t be embarrassed to make a fool out of yourself. If you are shy to try out your new speaking skills in front or stingers or in front of people, then try to find a partner. Well someone whom you are comfortable with. You friend your family, someone who speaks good English, yes. Well that is important, even if it’s your spouse, even if it’s your child, speaking with other people always exposes you to new words and the different ways to say things. So be it slangs be it new phrases, be it new idioms, it also makes you aware of all the new words that people use on daily basis. This kind of a practice makes your conversation sound more real and more authentic, as you’re actually talking to someone and making up imaginary conversations. Moreover speaking to other people also makes you more confident, so I would really suggest, that if you talk to people, like have small talks with strangest or some random people, your fluency will be great.

So people thank you for watching this session with me, as you can see that thinking and speaking in English is the best way to go about mastering this language. Now many of my students have really accomplished this with of course a lot of hard work, with lot of efforts and of course a little bit of confidence because if you are nervous, things might be difficult for you. You won’t be able to face the challenges. So please go through the points that we just discussed, let me know if you would like to have some more help, or let me know if these points really helped you to speak in a better manner. I’ll be back with a new session soon, till then you take care and keep watching us and keep learning.


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