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To burst one’s bubble – English Vocabulary ( Idiom) Lesson # 104

When you are very enthusiastic about something in your life, and all of a sudden you realize it was unreal, you land up feeling very low.

To burst someone’s bubble is an idiom that basically means to ruin someone’s happy moment by making them realize what is actually happening in reality is nothing close to how they feel about the same.

It means to shatter an illusion about something, or to destroy someone’s fantasy with unexpected or unknown facts.

If you correct someone’s belief or delusional ideas, or you make someone suddenly understand the unpleasant truth of a situation, you burst their bubble.

In the this idiom, ‘burst’ is the verb in the present; ‘burst’ is its past and past participle forms too.

For example, you and your friends are very excited to party on new year’s eve, but due to a riot break out in your city, the party is cancelled. On realizing this, your excitement dies down. It means that the cancellation has burst your bubble.

Example 01 : Little John was excited to leave for the picnic at the beach, but the heavy rainfall really burst his bubble.

Example 02 : The manager burst John’s bubble when he told him that he was not going to get an appraisal this year.

Example 03 : The news of their still born baby burst the couple’s bubble, as they couldn’t wait to welcome their first child.

Example 04 : William ‘s bubble was burst when he got to know his girlfriend had cheated on him.

Example 05 : Peter was rejected in many interviews but this didn’t burst his bubble of joining one of the best IT companies, even though he was a fresher.

Example 06 : When Michelle found out about the surprise birthday party that was to be thrown by her friend Mary, it burst her bubble as it no longer remained a surprise.

Example 07 : Though the  famous actress was in a hurry to leave the venue, she didn’t  burst her fans’ bubble and obliged by giving them her autograph.

Example 08 : All his team players depended on Marc for winning the final match, but his sudden ill health burst his team players bubble, as he couldn’t play  the final match.

Example 09 : Charles was upset when his father told him, “ I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but don’t waste your time dreaming about a business venture that isn’t going to work.”

Example 10 : Richard burst his girl friend’s bubble when he told her that the dress she fancied the most didn’t suit her at all.

Has anyone ever burst your bubble? How did you feel and react?

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