To leave no stone unturned ( idiom) – English Vocabulary Lesson # 114

When you are determined to achieve something, you go all out of your way to make sure that you achieve it.

The idiom ‘leave no stone unturned’ basically means to make every possible effort to accomplish something.

You use every source or resource and try every course of action to get what you want.

You look everywhere, turn over every rock to get what you want by doing everything in your power.

For example, if are going to a fancy dress competition, you go around looking  for the best possible costume to suit the character you are dressing as, buy the best accessories and hire the best make-up artist in your town. You have a dress rehearsal before the competition. This means, you do everything to win the competition. So, you leave no stone unturned.

In this idiom, ‘leave’ is a verb. ‘Left’ is its past and past participle form.

 Example 01 : Though Daniel was tired, he left no stone unturned in researching for his project.

Example 02 : The team of surgeons left no stone unturned in reviving the patient during surgery.

Example 03 : For their wedding anniversary, Lucifer left no stone unturned to surprise his wife with a candle light dinner at the beach.

Example 04 : When she failed in her exams, Teresa regretted it and wished that she had left no stone unturned in her exam preparations.

Example 05 : Being a model, Lenny leaves no stone unturned to stay slim. She exercises and eats salad daily.

Example 06 : The wedding planners had left no stone unturned in arranging the wedding ceremony.

Example 07 : The firemen used all their resources and left no stone unturned to extinguish the house that was on fire.

Example 08 : The dance troupe practiced all day long and left no stone unturned to perfect their dance steps.

Example 09 : Most women leave no stone unturned to look younger by spending a huge amount of money on advance beauty treatments.

Example 10 : The swimming coach left no stone unturned in preparing his students for the swimming competition.


To achieve something, have you ever left no stone unturned?

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