Top 5 Tips – How To Learn English Through Movies.

When you learn English through movies, you are taking your English to the next level. Text books will only teach you basic English stuff. If you want to improve your English and speak fluently and confidently, the way it’s spoken on the streets, more natural English, then watching English movies would certainly help you. Movies will teach you vocabulary that you won’t find in text books. I will share with you my 5 personal tips on how to learn English faster through movies. I have also listed down my favourite top 10 English movies that would help you in improving your English. Stop studying English in a boring and orthodox manner, Learn English in a fun and entertaining way.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

so what are the things that you are doing in order to learn English well you attend classes probably you read a lot of books but then probably you‘re just getting a little tired of doing the same thing again and again well I have a great idea for you you can learn English through movies so in this
 lesson today I’m gonna help you with certain tips that would help you toimprove your English through moving friends yarn with me Niharika and
welcome back well as I said that when
you want to learn English watching
movies is a great idea
so in today’s lesson I’m gonna help you
with certain tips that would help you to
learn English through movies now there
are various reasons that I always
suggest my students to watch movies in
order to learn English well because you
end up learning the rural English oh yes
it’s real English and not that old
boring textbook English also you are
able to learn the different
pronunciations yes because you are
watching movies you’re listening to what
the actors are saying and you get the
pronunciation right so movies can be
quite helpful if you want to improve
your English now let’s have a look at
five tips that would help you to improve
your English through movies the very
first step is choose an interesting
movie that’s quite important
well movies can be long about two two
and a half three hour long movies right
now if you choose a very boring movie
that does not interest you definitely
you are not gonna learn anything from
the movie right so for example you like
watching action-packed movies or
thriller movies and your friend
suggested you to watch a romantic movie
for example PS I love you yes but I love
that movie but if you are very keen on
watching action movies you really enjoy
thriller and action movies then yes
romantic movies can be really boring for
you you will not end up learning
anything from the movie so to in order
to learn new words and phrases always
choose a movie that would interest you
okay so keep this tip in mind that would
help you to improve your English moving
on to the second tip that I have for you
is select a movie that matches your
current English level well possibly you
are a beginner okay you’ve just started
learning the language and you really
want to improve well then the best thing
to do is watch animated movies like
animated movies for kids because these
movies usually have easy English like
easy English words easy English phrases
that are really easy to understand now
if you are a beginner and you end up
watching movies like Romeo and Juliet
oh that’s gonna be terrible you will be
very confused because that’s Shakespeare
English which is quite difficult even
for advanced English learners so start
watching movies like the animated movies
for kids because this way you’ll be able
to understand the English much better
so select a movie that matches your
current English level well I’ll also
help you with certain movie names that
you can watch to improve your English
I’ll do that at the end of the lesson
moving on to the next step which is
choose a film
with subtitles now when you watch our
lessons we have subtitles right so it’s
very easy for you to understand to what
we are saying
so subtitles really help so imagine
you’re watching a movie without
subtitles and you do not understand a
word but you will not really bother to
again go back and watch or listen to the
word again it’s quite an effort so I
always suggest that watch a movie with
subtitles even if you have missed the
word like you didn’t get the
pronunciation right guess what you still
have the word now if you do not know the
meaning of the word you can quickly look
it up on your dictionary
okay so dictionary would help you to
understand the meaning of it and of
course you will be able to use it the
next time you want to use it in a
conversation so choose a film with
subtitles because that really helps
moving on to the next tip that I have
for you is repeat shot phrases you know
there are times when we watch movies and
we listen to a phrase and you just like
it like just the way it was said just
the way the actor said it in such an
amazing manner you never know what
you’re going to get people can’t do
something themselves they want to tell
you you can’t do it
life moves pretty fast you don’t stop
and look around once in a while you
could miss it you like it and you repeat
it okay I do that yes it’s not just to
learn English but it’s just because I
love the phrase I love the way they say
it so for example short phrases like
heavily yeah
totally we got to do it you know just
with the enthusiasm they say it I try to
repeat it in the similar manner now this
really helps because when you start
repeating these short phrases they
always stay in your mind like you will
remember it and you will try to use it
in your conversation so the next time
you’re watching movies and you like the
way the actors said something oh go
ahead it’s okay don’t be embarrassed
even if there are your friends around
you or family around you just say it
repeat it and then the last tip that I
have for you is it’s okay to miss words
yes well when you are watching movies as
I said it’s a fun thing to do it’s not
just to learn words and phrases but you
enjoy watching movies so don’t worry too
much like if you have missed the word if
you have missed a phrase it’s okay don’t
bother you can watch the movie again
right so don’t think too much do not
stress yourself even if you miss out on
any words just let it go okay as I said
the movies usually two two and a half
hours long there are many more words
that you can use and learn right so do
not worry and these are the five tips
that you can follow in order to improve
your English through movies so quickly
just revise them choose an interesting
movie okay something that really
interests you something that you would
select a movie that matches your current
English level okay if you’re a beginner
start with animated movies choose a film
with subtitles well just the way you
watch our videos with subtitles that
really helps you to improve your English
therefore movies with subtitles would be
an excellent thing repeat sharp phrases
if you like a phrase that the actor just
said go ahead and repeat it this way you
will learn English in a better way and
then the last tip is it’s okay to miss
words like I said just let it go
don’t worry too much it’s okay you can
watch many more movies so follow these
tips and have fun watching movies and
I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till
then you take care

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