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Top Telephone Tips & Etiquette.

Few telephone tips which could help your telephonic conversations sound interesting and impressive.

  • Don’t be direct– Be polite and use phrases like could I have a word with Mr. Smith, would it be possible to talk to Mr. Smith, May I speak with Mr. Smith.
  • Do your home work- If you are working as a customer service executive, ensure that you study the profile of the person You are going to call. You should know the designation, job profile, contact information and of course what conversation you are going to have.
  • Spellings & Numbers- During a telephonic conversation, it is most likely that the person is not audible enough. Hence you should always spell your name. E.g. Tash. T as in tiger, A as in apple, S as in sugar and H as in Hat. It helps to have clear conversations and the right information is provided. Also, when you say numbers say one number at a time. Do not say ninety nine  forty  fifty sixty eight…Instead say 9 9 4 0 5 0 6 8
  • Do not hesitate to ask again- If you feel you have not understood some information, you can always ask the person to repeat. It is better than taking or giving wrong information.
  • Memorizing Key words or phrases- If your job demands you to be talking on the phone for 6-7 hours a day, then you should always memorize your key words like. ,Good morning Sir, How may I help You? Is there anything else I could help you with? Thanks for calling. Have a nice day.
  • Smile- It is very important to smile, Do not frown when you answer the phone. It changes your tone of talking. It makes it obvious to the other person. It also could make your conversation dull or interesting. So always smile, you definitely sound good when you smile.

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