Transportation Prepositions – In, On & By

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Finished watching the lesson, now its time to test how much have you learned from this lesson. Take the quiz below on transportation prepositions.

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1. I met a very nice woman ___ the bus I took this morning.


2. There were no vehicles allowed at the  mountainside, so we got ___ a horse.


3. I will call you back as I am ____ a taxi right now.


4. I usually travel to Delhi _____ air.


5. The children go to school ____ van.


6. ____ my flight last night , there was an old man who was very unwell.


7. I always travel ____ bus to work.


8. The kids were excited to be ____ a helicopter.


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In this English Grammar lesson we will learn using the prepositions related to travel / transportation. English prepositions can be tricky because they usually don’t have any particular rules. However,when we talk about the ways to travel there are few rules which really work for English Learners.

Using the preposition By :-

When we talk about general ways to travel we always use the preposition ‘by’. For example – We travel by car ,by train , by can, by bus, by plane and so on. We can also use the preposition ‘by’ to refer to the transportation environment or the surface for example, by air, by land, by sea, by rail.

Using the preposition In :-

When we talk about specific transport vehicles we use the preposition ‘in’. If you can sit inside the vehicle we use ‘in’. For example – In a car , In a truck , in a helicopter , in a taxi, in a rowboat.

Using the preposition on :-

When we talk about specific transport vehicles especially on which one can stand or walk on a vehicle, we use the preposition ‘on’.
For example – We go on a plane , we go on a ferry , we go on a ship , on a Train , on a Bicycle, on a Motorbike , ( the basic mode of travel – on foot).

Also when we talk about sitting on animals we always use the preposition on or onto, for example – We get on / onto a horse, camel, elephant etc. The key thing is to understand when something is general and when something is specific . Hope this English Grammar lesson is clear to all you out there.

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