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Using adjectives ending with ‘ed’ & ‘ing’ correctly?

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I’m __________. I don’t know what to do.


Three hours ! That walk was ___________


Carol is an ______ girl to speak with. She’s very intelligent.


The view from our suite is ________.


Listening to her complaining all the time is so ______.


You look very ______. Do you have some good news?


I am ________ and feel so low.


The __________ little girl ran away from the dark room.


The results of the test were _________.


John was ___________ when he went para-sailing for the first time.


Adjectives are words that describe a noun. They tell you more about a noun.Often, people get confused with adjectives ending in ‘ed’ or ‘ing’ and are unable to figure out how to use it correctly.

Adjectives ending in ‘ed’ : are used to describe a person’s feelings.

Example 1 : Same is bored at home.  (bored is the adjectives as it describes Sam’s state of being bored)

Example 2 : I’m not interested in sports. (‘interested is an adjectives that describes the way I feel about sports)

Example 3 : My friend is annoyed. (annoyed is the adjective that describes my friend’s feeling)

 Adjectives ending in ‘ing’ : shows the effect which something has on a person or thing.

Example 1 : The movies was boring. (boring is the adjective that shows the effect of the movie on someone)

Example 2 : Watching soccer is so interesting. (interesting is the adjective )

Example 3 : I had an annoying day. (annoying is the adjective that shows the effect)

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    This is the first comment on this amazing website
    really i was so confused about this matter but i didn’t ask why 🙁
    thank you so much for your efforts really you are amazing teacher 🙂

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free