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02 different ways to use the auxiliary verb ‘Used To’ in English conversation

This English grammar lesson is all about using the phrase ‘used to’ (auxiliary verb) There are 2 ways to use it in a sentence.

Used to – something that happened for a long or a short time in the past and may or may not happen anymore and use the first form of the main verb in these kind of sentences.

• I used to play badminton when I was a kid (may not be playing anymore)
• She used to meet me every day (a friend who may not be meeting you anymore)
• Peter used to work 6 days a week (work days have changed)
• They used to visit us every summer (relatives visiting during holidays)

Used to – something or someone you are habituated to or familiar with and use the present form of the verb “to be” in the sentence.

• I’m used to this noise now (neighbours talking loudly)
• She is used to my timings (mother knowing the time her kids come home from work)
• We’re used to the heat in the summer (similar weather conditions every year)
• Sam is used to my habits (best friend knows all habits)

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