Using Diplomatic English At Work .

This Business English lesson deals with using diplomatic English language in a work environment to avoid coming off as too direct or rude or offensive and to tone down the harshness /unpleasantness of certain statements.

Tips & Tricks :

# Using Softeners :

These “softeners” lessen the impact of a negative statement that may otherwise sound too direct .

Ex: Using “softeners” like ” I’m afraid ” or “to be honest ” or “with all due respect ” before a negative statement

#Using Modal Verbs :

These verbs lessen the impact of a command or request ; make it polite.

Ex: using modal verbs such as would , could , may or might in a command or order to lessen its impact .

#Rephrasing ​a negative sentence :

To make it sound more positive and acceptable to the work environment
Ex: Replacing words such as “can’t ” or “won’t ” with words such as ” unable to ”
replacing words such as ” am unhappy ” with ” not entirely happy ” in a sentence to make it sound more positive .

I hope this Business English lesson has helped you to rephrase your English Vocabulary and avoid being too rude while speaking in English on a business environment.

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