Using Etc., (Et cetera) correctly in English.

Finished watching the lesson, Now its time to test what have learned from this lesson. Take the quiz below.

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In the following quiz, find out which of the sentences are correct ( using etc.). Select – ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’

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This park is ideal for cycling, walking, yoga etc.


I have to buy items such as bread, pudding, cheese etc. from the supermarket.


Is it possible for you to pick up pencils, bread, a white shirt etc. from the market?


Nancy is coming with her friends Shane, Joe, Jack and Brian etc., for dinner tonight.


In my city the modes of transportation are car, bus, trains etc.


I received gift items such as a dress, nail paint, a mobile phone and a pair of denims etc. from my friends.


I have to go to the salon for my make-up, manicure, pedicure, hair cut etc.


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I always thought using ‘etc.’ is simple, well there are some rules to keep in mind while using this word correctly.  The use of ‘etc.’ was never taught to us in school, as it was always considered as an abbreviation. In this lesson you will learn the proper usage of the word ‘etc.’

‘etc.’ is used as a short way to say ‘so on’.

Following are the tips to use ‘etc.’ correctly:-

  • It is important that the items that we include in a sentence should be of the same kind.  Example: – Bring me soda, alcohol, ice cubes, tonic water etc. for the party tonight.
  • Do not use ‘and’ before ‘etc.’
  • Do not use etc. to refer to people
  • Do not use an introductory phrase for a list ‘such as’ along with etc.
  • Do not use etc. more than once in a sentence.
  • While speaking one can use the words ‘blah blah blah ‘instead of and so o or etc.  but it is not correct to use while writing.
  • While writing one can also use the three dots ‘…’ instead of the word etc.  The three dots are called as ellipses.

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  • thank you mrs ,i have got 40 marks and thank you for proper usage,please let me know the way how can i approach 6.5 band in IELTS exam within 2 month.please help thank you

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