Using ‘Make’ & ‘Get’ as causative verbs.

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1. The principal ________ the students clean the classroom last evening.


2. Tina always ________ her brother _______ help completing her project by giving him


3. My roommate ________ me cook his dinner. He doesn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.


4. My manager _______ me submit my reports on time.


5. You always _____ me _____ run your errands by treating me to dinner.


6. John and Michelle  _________ their children learn dancing.


7. My friends _______ me _____ join them for dinner, even though I was tired.


8. Last night, I _______ my younger sister ____ sleep by telling her stories.


9. Rita’s grandparents ________ her go to the temple with them.


10. Peter _______ his wife learn English.


Question 1 of 10

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In this English Grammar  lesson, you will learn about the verbs ‘get’ and ‘make’ being causatives. Both these words lose their original meaning when they are used a causatives.


Make is used as a causative verb in the structure ‘make somebody do something’. Its past form is ‘made’. Do not use ‘to’ in this structure. You use this structure when someone compels or forces somebody to do something. There is very little or no option left.

Example 01: My boss made me work late last evening. (not made me to stay late)

Example 02: The police made John pull over for speeding. (made is used as the police has authority to compel someone to stop)

Example 03: My mother made me clean my closet.


is used as a causative verb in the structure ‘get somebody to do something. Its past form is ‘got’. This structure is used when you beg or convince someone to do something for you.

Example:  He got me to sell my old car at a very low price. ( use ‘to’)

Example: Maria always gets her baby to stop crying.

Example: My mother got me to cook dinner for her.


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  • yes………… I’ve given first test and only 3 sentence was wrong…………….I understood very easily that made use for somebody do something forcely and get use somebody to do something but not forcely ………..

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