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Using ‘MUST’ correctly in sentences & questions.

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1. Yesterday I ___________ finish my assignment.


2. He will ___________ wait in the queue like everyone else, he’s not a VIP.


3. All the employees in our company ______________ on time for work.


4. We __________ forget to take the cake out of the oven.


5. If you are a minor you ___________ to get your guardian’s permission.


6. My wife may ______________ try on a few different sizes before she bought the dress.


7. The doctor ___________ get to the hospital as soon as he can.


8. Do you ___________ attend the seminar next weekend?


9. Vehicle drivers ___________ remember to signal when they turn.


10. Michelle, you ______________ leave your toys all over the floor like this.


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‘Must’ is a modal verb. It has different meanings depending on how it is used. In this English lesson, you will take a look at some example sentences using ‘must’.

  • Example: I must finish the work before I leave. ( an obligation one imposes on himself)
  • Example: this must be the correct address. (shows certainty)
  • Example: You must visit the dentist. (a strong recommendation)

When ‘must’ is put in negative, it indicates prohibition of something.

  • Example: She must not use abusive language.
  • Example: You must not play with fire.

There is no past form of ‘must’. ‘Had to’ is used.

  • Example: I had to wake up early.

When ‘must’ is used with a past participle verb, it means a past probability.

  • Example: She must have found the keys.
  • Example: They must have reached on time.

Must is also used as a noun, when you say something is a necessity.

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free