Using Mustn’t & Needn’t correctly.

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1. You ____________ forget to turn off the lights when you leave.


2. You have a holiday tomorrow, you ________ wake up early in the morning.


3. She __________ waste time in playing games on her phone during her exams.


4. They _________ cheat their customers by selling defective products.


5. We __________ hurry, we have a lot of time left to reach the airport.


6. I ______________ answer all your questions; I am not answerable to you.


7. We ____________  spend too much money now. Let’s save some for the future.


8. You ____________ walk to school;  you can take the bus.


9. She _____________ buy a new dress. She has many.


10. John ____________ get late to work.


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In this lesson, we are going to learn the difference between the two modal verbs, mustn’t and needn’t.

They both have completely different meanings and can’t be used interchangeably.


Mustn’t is used to say something is not allowed or something is prohibited. When you want to say it is necessary that you do not do something, then use mustn’t.

  • Example:  You mustn’t play football. (prohibited from playing)
  • Example: You mustn’t tell anybody. (not allowed to tell)
  • Example: You mustn’t lose the document. (it is necessary that you do not lose)
  • Example: You mustn’t call him when he is busy. (it is necessary you do not disturb him)


Needn’t is very different from mustn’t. It is used to say that you do not have to do something, it is not necessary to do something.

  • Example: You needn’t play football. (you don’t have to play)
  • Example: You needn’t tell anybody. (it is not necessary to tell, but if you do, it is ok)
  • Example: You needn’t carry the documents. (you don’t have to carry)
  • Example: You needn’t call him tonight. (you don’t have to, but if you do call, it’s absolutely ok)


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