Phrasal Verbs – Talking about problems

All of us face some or the other kind of problems some time or the other. We work hard to find solutions and mostly solve them. But how do we talk about problems in English. Well, that is what we are going to discuss today.  In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to use phrasal verbs to discuss and talk about problems in English.

Talk over – to discuss something

Ex: We really need to talk over the issues faced by everyone in the department.

Wrestle with – try to solve a difficult problem or make a difficult decision

Ex: I need your opinion; I’m wrestling with some career related decisions.

Run up against – to experience an unexpected difficulty

Ex: We ran up against so many issues on the day of the event.

Think through – to consider possible results or consequences before doing something or making a decision

Ex: You should think through your decision of moving abroad since it’s a permanent one.

Sort out – to solve a problem or situation

Ex: Joe is finding a way to sort out the financial issues in his family.

Knuckle down – word harder

Ex: The market is getting competitive, hence we need to knuckle down and solve our marketing issues.

Run into a few problems – suddenly come across

Ex: The event was going well, however at the last moment we ran into a few problems

Deal with – try to manage

Ex: In order to run a successful business, we will have to deal with a few difficult situations.

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