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Using Should | Could | Would have done correctly

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The owners ________ have supplied more life jackets, but they didn’t. (past possibility)


The captain _______ have listened to earlier reports of icebergs in the area.(the correct thing- in the past)


If I had more time, I __________ have completed my homework.(circumstances)


I’m not sure why I did not win.I ___________ have been more aggressive at the start (option in past).


You _______ have asked my permission before you used my computer. I’m really angry with you.(the correct thing- in the past)


I _______ have never divorced him, if he hadn’t hit me. (circumstance in the past/past conditional)


I ______ have gone out with my friends but I wanted to watch the soccer game. (past option/possibility)


If I had known the truth, I ______ have told you. (past circumstance, not in your hands)


You _______ have woken up early yesterday. (the right thing to do in the past)


I ______ have bought the red dress, if I had enough money. (past circumstances)


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A lot of people get confused while using should/could/would with ‘have + past participle verb’.  In this lesson, you will understand the difference between three sentence structures and when to use them appropriately.

1. I should have completed my graduation : (‘should’ is used when a past duty/obligation not fulfilled. Also, when something was the correct thing to do in the past.)

You should have been more careful while travelling. (something that was the right thing to do in the past, but you didn’t)

2. I could have completed my graduation : (‘could’ is used to express a past possibility, or an option you had in the past).

You could have helped me yesterday . (you had the option to help, but you chose not to)

3. I would have completed my graduation : (‘would’ is used to express that you do or don’t do something due to circumstances and is used in past conditionals).

If I had gone to the beach, I would have gotten a tan. (it’s an imaginary of something in the past).

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15 thoughts on “Using Should | Could | Would have done correctly”

  1. sud198183 says:

    Hi Rachna …you guys are fantastic…but tell me one thing this use of could , should and would you explained with have + past participle verb, but what is the difference between can-could, will -would, shall -should when they are used without have + past participle for e.x. Yes I can do this work or Yes I could do this work ….which one is correct out of the two, similarly for will-would and shall -should….plz give a class on this topic also……

  2. Syed mohsin says:

    can you please explain the difference of had and did. I have seen and heard most of the time usage of had and did in same places.Can you please educate me on this.
    Thank you

  3. kishore.eai says:

    Wow ………..its really fentastic . I appreciate you for uploading these helpful videos . Great job

  4. says:

    Thank you Learnex’s team!

  5. N.Nikhila Sri says:


  6. Hitesh_k says:

    thank you very much for nice presentation of lesson.

  7. bhaskar007 says:

    uff..After a long time got a crystal clear explanation on diff b/w should/would/could. Nice teaching..:-)

  8. kkandula sunita says:

    thanks for the lessons on the usage of should/ would/ could

  9. madirao7 says:

    Rachna, Really wonderful , the way of teaching/explaining. And the most likened one is, the follow up Test to check our performance. Please do that after every lesson.

  10. vaddesrinivas says:

    this class is very useful

  11. Indrajith M says:

    superb lesson…and nice examples…. easy to catch it… thanxs

  12. juan joy says:

    Good lesson and examples ,presentation also good.

  13. shakeel ramzan says:

    I thank God, who brought your videos in-front of me and i spent 5 hour approximately watching and learning from them and I m also very thankful to all you people and appreciate your work, i m from Pakistan, conflicts should be on their own place and good performance should be encouraged, all of u are my teacher and i m really sure teachers don’t have any hatred for their pupils. In-fact i m also a teacher and i really want to improve my English. And think you people would be very helpful for this poor student SHAKEEL (from Lahore).
    Allah Hafiz

  14. says:

    If I could have done something, that’s because now I can do it.
    If I should have done something, that’s because now i must do it or I have to do it.
    If I would have done something, then I will do it because I will be able to.

    thank you for lighting to my thoughts.

    1. Chandu26dec says:

      very nice explaination . Thanq very much 🙂

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