Using softer and Milder expressions in English.

The spoken English language is full of little formalities which can assure whether you’re going to decide if you are going to impress someone or offend. Maybe your problem when speaking English comes down too harsh on ears which can sound rude.In thisEnglish conversation lesson you will learn some useful expressionsto make harsh statements softer and milder.

He has been doing time –

Meaning – to serve a sentence in prison; to serve a specific amount of time in prison.

She is light fingered

Meaning – If you describe someone as light-fingered, you mean that they have a habit of stealing things.

No longer with us

Meaning – Someone has quit the job or resigned / Someone has died or passed away.

I am just going to powder my nose –

Meaning -Someone wants to go the toilet / washroom (used by females)

She’s in the family way

Meaning – Someone is pregnant or expecting a child.

Down and out

Meaning – Someone who is homeless

He made a honest woman of her

Meaning – If a man makes an honest woman of someone that he is having a relationship with, he marries her.

She passed away

Meaning – She has died

Public convieniences

Meaning – A public toilet (also called a bathroom, restroom, latrine, comfort room, powder room, toilet room, washroom, water closet.

We hope this lesson will help you to speak better and polite English.


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