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Using the phrase ” One of …( Something).

Many English learners make mistakes while using the very simple phrase “one of” as it always confuses them. In this lesson Ria will help you understand the correct use of the phrase “One of” in a sentences and the rules to follow while using it.

  • Correct :One of the students was selected to visit NASA.
  • Incorrect : One of the student was selected to visit NASA.
  • Incorrect : One of the students were selected to visit NASA

Rule no 01 : The one of is a singular term and generally used to talk about a noun or a pronoun.

Rule no 02 : The noun or a pronoun used after the phrase “one of” is always in the plural form ( as we are talking of one person/place/thing out of many)

Rule no 03 : The helping verb will always be in the singular form, as the helping verb agrees with “one of” and not with the plural noun in the sentence.

We hope you have understood these three basic rules on how to use the very common phrase – One of…

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  1. Rahul lodhi says:

    Please tell me how to use of get,get on,getup,get down etc
    And use of put , put on , put up ,put down etc.

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