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Using the pronouns – This, That, These & Those.

Finished watching the video, now take the quiz below to see how much you have understood from this lesson.

Her new house cost over half a million dollars. ______ a lot of money.


What’s the name of ______ song by Jennifer Lopez we heard yesterday?


My grandmother never wore trousers when she was young. In ______ days it wasn’t acceptable


Here we are. ______ where I live.


I’m going to Capetown again ______ week-end. Do you want to come?


Hello. ______ John. Can I speak to Michelle, please?


______ boots she is wearing look very expensive.


Yes, let’s go to the restaurant tonight. _______ a great idea.


Look at ______ man over there! He’s not wearing any clothes!


Oh, I love ______ pair of trousers. I’m going to buy myself a pair!


Difference between the pronouns This, That, These and Those

Pronouns are quite simple, however do you get a little confused on using this, that, these and those. This lesson will help you to clear all your doubts and you can use these pronouns confidently.

This (singular pronoun)– We use this to talk about people or things near us or close at hand.

  • 1) This is a book.
  • 2) This is a marker.

This is also used to introduce people and also used to introduce ourselves, to begin the conversation on the phone.

  • 1) This is my friend, John.
  • 2) Hello, this is Niharika, is it the right time to talk to you?

That (Singular Pronoun) – That is used to talk about things that are not near us, the things which are more distant.

  • 1) That is a book.
  • 2) That is a marker.

The Difference between these and those is rooted in the difference between the words this and that. These and Those are plural versions of this and that.

These (Plural Pronoun) – These is used to something which is here, right next to us or is easily referenced as close by.

  • 1) These are books.
  • 2) These are markers.

Those (plural pronoun) – Those is used to something which is not near us, at distance.

  • 1) Those are books
  • 2) Those are markers.

So just keep in mind the above rules and take a test to see if you have understood this well.

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free