Using ‘too’ with nouns, adjectives & adverbs correctly.

In this English grammar lesson you will learn how to use the  word ‘too’ correctly in a sentence. The word ‘too’ is used to  talk about something that is in excess or to amplify the degree  of something. In this English lesson you will learn how to use
‘too’ with Adjectives, adverbs and nouns ( countable & uncountable).

1. too + adjective

You need to remember that ‘too’ always comes before the adjectives.

  • It’s too hot to wear that jacket.
  • He is too old to play soccer.

2. too + adverb

Similar to the previous structure, ‘too’ will come before the adverb in a sentence.

  • I was driving too fast on the freeway.
  • The teacher dictates too fast, I couldn’t complete the notes.

3. too + countable nouns

‘too’ may also come before countable nouns when it is used with the expression ‘too many’

  • There are too many delegates attending the seminar.
  • There are too many chocolates in the box.

4. too + uncountable nouns

‘too’ may also come before uncountable nouns when it is used with the expression ‘too much’

  • There is too much sugar in the coffee.
  • She has too much patience, I am sure she will deal with this problem.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Grammar lesson and learned how to use the word ‘too’ correctly with adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

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