Vocabulary to talk about an Earthquake in English.

In this lesson we will learn about the natural calamity, “Earthquake”. An earthquake is a result of sudden release of energy from the earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. That’s when the ground shakes violently and typically causes destruction. With the recent Nepal’s devastating earthquake in this lesson we will learn some vocabulary related to this nerve taking calamity.

1) Richter Magnitude Scale – The energy released by an earthquake is measured on a Richter scale. It is a logarithmic scale.

2) Mainshock – It is the largest earthquake in a sequence.

3) Aftershocks – An aftershock is a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake, in the same area of the main shock

4) Seismograph – A seismograph is an instrument used to measure and record the vibrations of an earthquake.

5) Seismologist – A scientist who studies Earthquakes.

6) Drop – Cover – Hold on – One should know how to beat the earthquake. It is better to be safe and be prepared on how to respond if an earthquake occurs.

What are the effects of an earthquake:-

– Buildings and Bridges Collapse
-The gas,electric and phone services are disrupted
-Triggers landslides, Avalanches , Tsunamis

Descriptive words to discuss about an Earthquake :

Disastrous – Causes a lot of damage
Devastating – Highly destructive
Catastrophic – Disastrous event
Horrifying – An even that leaves you terrified

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