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Volition – English Vocabulary Lesson # 109 – Free English Lesson

Sometimes you don’t take advice from anyone and do things based on your own judgment and decision.The word volition means the act of making a conscious choice or a decision.

It is the power of choosing to do something, without being forced or told to do it.
So when you do something out of your own will, you actually do it of your own volition.
If you do something of your own volition, you do it because you have decided that you will do it and not because someone has told you to do it. You independently take your own decision and do it willfully.

For example, when you are about to complete your education, it’s time for you to make a decision about your career, so you choose your field according to your area of interest. That means you have made your own choice. So, your specialization is of your own  volition.

The word volition is a noun as it is a choice or a decision made, volitionally is an adverb and it describes action that is done willingly, volitional is an adjective and it describes the something being done with deliberate intention.
Example 01 : On seeing an injured boy, John stopped by and helped her out of his own volition.

Example 02 : To de-stress herself, Michelle volitionally accompanies her friend in singing at the club on every weekend.

Example 03 : After completing his education, William volitionally assisted his father at his grocery store.

Example 04 : Patricia joined the women’s kitty club and has now taken to heavy drinking of her own volition, without her husband’s knowledge.

Example 05 : Robert  was concerned about the tourists as their car had broken down. He offered to fix their car volitionally.

Example 06 :Walter is always volitional to help his wife do the dishes after dinner.

Example 07 : A lot of people volitionally offer help and support to the less fortunate children.

Example 08 : When it comes to dancing, Ross is never volitional. He just accompanies his girlfriend on the dance floor.

Example 09 :Jessy volitionally went over to her neighbor’s house to spend some time with Mrs. Smith, as she had lost her husband lately.

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