Wary – Video Vocabulary E82

Sometimes you are cautious about something as you feel it can lead to a problem or danger. The word wary, basically means to be cautious or careful of something.If you are wary of something or someone, you are actually cautious or alert because you do not know much about them and you believe they may be dangerous or cause problems .So, it means you are very careful and guarded and you are unwilling to trust someone. So when you give someone a wary glance, your face conveys the suspicion and caution that you feel.

For example, you are wary of rocks while walking bare foot in the water or you may be wary of driving alone at night on an empty road as you feel it’s not safe. As the word wary describes being cautious or careful about something, it is an adjective. Okay, now that you know what wary means, let’s take a look at some example sentences to see how you can use it in your daily conversation.

Example 01 : Being his first interview, the new actor was wary of talking to the press media as he didn’t want to disclose about his personal life.

Example 02 : In consideration to the recent kidnapping  in the neighborhood, mother told little Ben to be wary of strangers on his way back from school.

Example 03 : During the grand sale, the store owner kept a wary eye on all the customers.

Example 04 : After the unexpected fall in the share market, investors are increasingly wary about putting money into stocks.

Example 05 : Lisa was wary of the strange dog at first, but he seemed friendly, so she walked over to pet him.

Example 06 : At the railway station, there is a warning board put up that reads, ‘Be wary of pick pockets.’

Example 07 : Maria told her friend, “ be wary of emails claiming that you’ve won a prize as  they often contain virus.”

Example 08 : Being new in the city, sheela was wary of everything around her and didn’t socialize with anyone.

Example 09 : At the beach, the lifeguard was very wary when he saw the little kids go in the water.

Example 10 : Father warned his son, “ be wary of lending money to Peter, don’t trust him too much, he has a bad past record.”

Example 11 : The teacher warily watched the student who was trying to cheat during his exams.

Example 12 : All his colleagues are wary of speaking with William due to his continuous bad moods and temper.

What are you wary about and why?

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