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Weather related idioms, vocabulary & phrases

Here is a list of some fun idioms and their related meanings on weather.  Since weather is a phenomenon that we can’t easily ignore, it is easy to learn idioms based on it which help relate to situations, things and people we come across in life.  Take a quick look and see what “weather” you’re currently battling with!!!

1. Raining cats and dogs  – Raining very heavily , Something happening in abundance.

2. A fair weather friend – A friend/ or people  who are near to you only in your good times and disappear when you face a crisis or you are in a bad situation.

3.  A ray of sun shine – someone or something that makes you feel happy, especially in a difficult situation.

4. Have your head in the clouds – to not know what is really happening around you because you are paying too much attention to your own ideas

5. Make hay while the sun shines –   If you have an opportunity to do something, do it before the opportunity expires, to do something while the situation or conditions are right and favorable.

7.  Quick as lightning –   if you do something as quick as a lightning, you do it very quickly you could also say – Quick as a flash, eg.  he snatched the book and ran out of the room as quick as a lightning.

8. Snowed under – Someone who is  overworked; or exceptionally busy. eg. Look, I’m really snowed under at the moment. Can this wait?

9. Under a cloud – to be under suspicion or in disgrace; to be in disfavor.

10. Under the weather –  If you are feeling a bit ill, sad or lack energy, you are under the weather.

11. Weather a storm : to continue to exist and not be harmed during a difficult period. eg :  Johnson apparently has weathered the storm over his careless remarks.

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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free