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What are Intensifiers & Mitigators? English Grammar Lesson

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Which of the underlined words are intensifiers or mitigators :

My brother has become a fairly big business man.


Cinema tickets are a bit more expensive on weekends.


The print of the dress was really disgusting.


My first trip by an airplane was quite exciting.


A : So, did you enjoy the movie?

B : No, I thought it was totally awful.


A : Are you hungry?

B :Hungry? I’m absolutely starving!


A:How was your exam?

B: Not good. It was absolutely difficult.


It is a super cold day. inst it?


They played the game quite well.


It was after midnight and the children were rather tired.


He was totally right and raised valid issues in the argument.


A : Are you hungry?

B :Hungry? I’m absolutely starving!


She lives a bit away from my house.


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What are Intensifiers?

The word that emphasizes another word or phrase is an Intensifier. It also known as a booster. Intensifiers enhances and gives additional emotional context to the word it modifies

We use words like veryreally and extremely to make adjectives stronger:

  • It’s a very interesting game
  • she did remarkably well in her tests.
  • Everyone was extremely excited

Other commonly used intensifiers are:

  • Amazingly
  • Incredibly
  • Exceptionally
  • Completely

What are Mitigators?

Mitigators are the opposite of intensifiers. When we want to make an adjective less strong we use these words:

For Example  : fairly – rather – quite

  • By the end of the day we were rather tired.
  • The film wasn’t great but it was quite exciting.
  • We had a pretty good time at the party.


Mitigators can also be used  with comparative adjectives:

We use the following words and phrases as mitigators:

  • a bit
  • just a bit 
  • a little 
  • a little bit 
  • just a little bit
  • rather – slightly

She’s a bit younger than I am.
This one is rather bigger.

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