What’s The Difference Between SO and BECAUSE? Basic English Lesson

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Choose the correct option (Because or So) as you learned in this lesson, if you are not sure watch the lesson again to clarify you doubts.

1. The weather is hot ____ the children switched on the AC.


2. They have a lot of money ____ they can afford a holiday in the Bahamas.


3. We didn’t attend the seminar _____ we had no invitation.


4. She is studying English ____ she has to clear the IELTS test with a good band.


5. I am not going to work today ____ I have a temperature.


6. She’s not eating pizza ____ she’s on a diet.


7. I am too busy ___ I can’t go to the party, although I want to.


8. This is an ideal hotel for us____ the room prices fit our budget.


9. He is exhausted _____ he bicycled for almost 10 KM without a break.


10. They are late ___ they will have to take an Uber.


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The use of SO and BECAUSE can be a bit confusing, if you are beginner in English. Most students are not able to make out the difference between them and make some common errors in English writing and speaking. The difference is ‘So’ is used to show the result of an action and ‘Because’ is used to show the cause of an action. I know it’s a bit confusing, that’s why, I decided to make a detailed lesson on this topic so that you could learn how to correctly use them in English. Also take a quiz at the end of the lesson to know how much you’ve learned from this basic English lesson.

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hello everybody welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today we’re going to just try to get rid of some confusion, now what is this confusion about? I’ve heard so many people using “because” and “so” incorrectly, and why do you think that happens to us? It happens to us because we end up thinking that oh, they’re just the same, what’s the difference? I will tell you what the difference is, so that you can use them correctly henceforth, are you ready to get your facts corrected? And just correct your English by learning what’s the difference. Let’s begin with some sentences… Okay, now can you tell me a little bit about the sentences? The first sentence is “I won the race”, “I worked hard” isn’t it a little incomplete? It is. Now we always add certain words to combine two sentences, right? Two clauses or two sentences. In this case these two sentences also need a word that combines these two together and it makes more sense to us, what are these words called? They are called “conjugations”, okay? Conjugations are what? It’s a word that combines two clauses or two sentences and guys “because” and “so” are also conjugations, okay? Now I have to tell you that “because” has a word, that will tell you how that is different, it is the cause of something, it is the cause of an action, okay? It tells you what caused the action and that is how you use the word “because”, to tell anybody what was the cause of the action. Now for example, ‘I won the race’, ‘I worked hard’, if I have to use “because” in this sentence, how would I use it? “I won the race because I worked hard.” The cause, it has to explain the cause of the action, okay? I won the race… why? Because I worked hard. Coming to my second point you guys, it will always tell you the reason, and the question you must ask or you can ask to get an answer with the word “because” would be, why it happened, why something happened or how come it happened… Now for example, ‘I won the race’, how come? Because I worked hard. Did you get it? Correct! Again let me repeat this, I won the race… why? How come? How come did you win the race? Because I worked hard. See how I explained using the word “because” the cause of the action. Now moving to the next segment which is the word “so”. Now “so” tells us the result of an action, okay? The way, “because” tells us the cause, “so” tells us the result of an action and the question you can ask is, ‘what happened’. Let’s take a look at this, ‘I won a million dollars.’ ‘I am happy.’ Now we need to combine these two sentences and we will use the conjugation, “so”, the word, “so”, “I won a million dollars so I’m happy.” Who wouldn’t be, right? Well I’m happy, what happened? I won a million dollars. Now if you have to use the word, “so”, you only have to ask the question, ‘what happened?’ “I won a million dollars, so I’m happy.” that’s what happened, you get it? Now I’ll tell you, I’m just going to repeat these two sentences so that I make sure that you have understood it because that is my job, let’s get started, I won the race because I worked hard, okay? Now I’m gonna use “so” in the same sentence, “I worked hard, so I won the race.” Now I’m going to write these down so that see I use the word “so”, so that you don’t get confused. ‘I won the race because I worked hard’ okay you guys? See the way I have used the word “because”. Now let’s take a look at the same sentence using the word, “so”, ‘I worked hard’, what happened ‘so I won the race’, okay? See the difference? Now let’s take a look at the second sentence, ‘I won a million dollars, I’m happy. “I’m happy because I won a million dollars.” Okay, why are you happy? Because I won a million dollars, who wouldn’t be? Now same sentence with the word “so” the way we did previously, “I won a million dollars so I am happy” the sentences literally reversed and interchange when we use either “because” or “so”. Now guys there is a little bit of an addition when we speak about “so”, so is also used as an “adverb”, see what I’ve written here? It’s also used as an adverb what helps us express or tell us a little bit more about the verb. Okay, now for example, “he walks so fast” it’s a simple rule, its verb + so. Now as soon as I use the word “so” over here, it tells you the intensity of how fast he works and that’s another way we use the word “so” but that as an adverb and not as a conjugation but the reason why I’ve written it over here is because I don’t want you to be confused anymore and that is why we have these sentences over here. I won the race because I worked hard. I worked hard so I won the race, okay? I won a million dollars, I’m happy. I’m happy because I won a million dollars. I won a million dollars so I’m happy. Alright guys, I hope I have helped you at least a little bit to get rid of your confusion as far as “because” and “so” are considered… I will be back very soon with another interesting topic that will help you sort out your confusion and learn a little bit more. But that’s all for the day guys, make sure that you take the quiz down below and you would understand how well you have understood this lesson for the day. Alright guys, I will see you soon until then, keep smiling, keep practicing, spread a lot of love this is me Meera, I will see you soon. Ciao.



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