Words used to describe facial expressions in English.

The expression on someone’s face can tell you a lot about what they are thinking or what they are feeling like, or even the emotions they are going through.

One look at the persons face and you can tell whats going on inthe inside of the person. If someone is standing with their face down, you would immediately guess that the person is sad, but if someone is upbeat, you would immediately recognise that the person is happy.

So facial expressions help us to gauge the ones mood and emotions. In this lesson Ceema brings you different expressions, when you want to convey how a person is feeling based on their facial expressions.

Beaming – smiling broadly; grinning

Quizzical – showing that you are confused or surprised by something, and perhaps that you think it is rather strange and funny

Grin – To smile broadly, often baring the teeth.

Winced – The facial expression of sudden pain.

Dirty Look – An angry face or a frown.

Pouted – To exhibit displeasure or disappointment.

Glazed over – A glazed look or expression shows no interest or emotion.

Long Face – An unhappy or disappointed expression.

Unreadable – If someone’s face, eyes, or expression are unreadable, you cannot guess what they are thinking.

Dumbfounded – An expression on the face as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise.

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