🖐 Stop Saying – I Am Busy | Learn Smart & Better English Phrases

I am busy! Such a common English phrase we all use in our daily English conversations. Don’t you look it sounds boring and dull? In this English lesson learn 10 smart English phrases to say – I am busy. I have included some conversation scenarios to give you a better understanding of how to replace busy with smart English words for everyday English conversations.

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Complete Lesson Transcript :

Hey everybody welcome back to let’s talk and this is me Meera i know that we are super super busy people on earth these days don’t you think so well why don’t you tell me how busy are you are you just working on something are you just preoccupied or is your life bustling right now guys there’s so many smart ways to express how busy you actually are okay and that’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at let’s take a look at these for instance let’s say jack was busy with clients all day that is why he would he couldn’t answer the phone call that could be one of the reasons right so here what do you want to actually say you want to say that you’re using that time for something or someone else or someone else is keeping you busy that’s what you are trying to express so now here in this case you can actually say jack was occupied with clients all day that was why he couldn’t answer the phone call instead of using busy we have used what occupied according to the situation in jack’s case okay now let’s say tom was occupied with his children all day that is why he could not come out with us works for the same situation absolutely does well guys now let’s take a look at this example i like keeping myself busy so i read a book in my free time here you want to say that you keep doing something or the other and not keep yourself just free and not do anything well a better way of saying this is i like keeping myself engaged so i read a book in my free time see what we have done we have removed busy and used engaged where you are where you’re doing something and hence you’re not available or you’re unavailable to do another activity right i am engaged to be married here engaged means you have already paired with someone right and you are not available or single any which ways using busy in this sentence would be so weird don’t you think so okay sam can keep his audience engaged the story kept me engaged see how we’re just eliminating busy now let’s take a look at another one jessie has been busy at home and work every night all i’m trying to say here is that Jessy has been working so hard these days constantly into working into the night trying to complete a very difficult project completed with fair marks so here is how i will replace busy Jessy has been toiling away at home and work every night

I have been toiling away since morning i’m going to rest today see how we are replaced with in each situation all right i’m sorry i couldn’t hear you i was busy with with some thoughts it is not sounding correct don’t you think so what that is because sometimes you know what actually so many times we’re so lost in our own thoughts and we literally or actually can’t hear the other person talking to us so here is how i’m going to replace it i’m sorry i couldn’t hear you i was preoccupied with some thoughts well what it means is that if someone asks you for something or to do something but you already have a task or have multiple tasks at hand or in this case you’re just thinking about so many things so you can use this word now there’s another case so in this case when you keep yourself busy in work you definitely achieve in order to achieve the target right that is you have a lot of work to do but without getting tired you’re able to complete it go through it and make sure that you have completed it when you work tirelessly you definitely achieve your target right Jason was tirelessly working for his interview my parents worked tirelessly to set a house in just one day now guys let us take a look at this sentence my whole week has been very busy what are you trying to say you’re actually you’re trying to say that you have been continuously active and you have had crazy schedules probably you’re flying from one city to another or from one meeting to another meeting one office to another office oh it’s very crazy now this is a whole another level of busy right so here’s how i would replace it my whole week has been hectic this month you have you have to prepare for a hectic schedule ahead my traveling was hectic right now there is one more situation where the times when when a shop is busy you know so for example the cake shop was busy due to Christmas what does this actually describe it actually describes a situation or a place where there are a number of people just like running around and moving around from one count into another everyone is so busy right so a place which is full of activity that is happening around here is how i would change it the cake shop was bustling due to Christmas right the railway station is always a bustling place quiet the classroom is bustling like a fish market okay guys now it’s time for some phrases that describe being busy okay so the first one that i have for you is busy as a beaver now be versus animals are known to be extremely busy and hard-working set of animals you know they would be working continuously so here’s how we use it sam is working two jobs he’s busy as a beaver this summer he has two internships he’s busy as a beaver i haven’t seen you in a while seems like you’re as busy as a beaver okay next one to have one’s hands full okay what does that mean when probably you go shopping right and you have five packs in one hand five hours heavy right so you have both your hands full or when you have many tasks lined up you can actually use this to actually refuse or deny people for some more work for example i already have guests at home my hands are full with two kids my hands are already full sorry no more clients for me today my hands are full all right guys the next one that i have for you is actually the last one as well having a lot on one’s plate is the phrase imagine this now imagine your plate which is full of food let’s take it literally and there is no space for any spoon not even one spoon right so what what happens here this means that you have a lot already on your plate and you’re busy as well in in the phrase me means that you’re so busy and so tight that you can’t have anything else that come your way for example i have a lot on my plate right now i’m finishing up my degree along with internship she won’t sign that movie she already has a lot on her plate he already has a lot on his plate that is why he looks worried all the time all right just worry right see how we have used different um words in different situations but making the same sense which was busy right right from preoccupied to hectic to bustling and i want you guys to start using these words in your real life as well depending on the situation anytime you forget anything come back to this video watch this video and go out there and start using it well guys that’s all i had for you today i will be back with such interesting topics and some more interesting topics until then make sure that you practice make sure that you’re smiling spread a lot of love this is me Meera signing off for the day guys bye.

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