05 Reasons – Why Should You Learn English?

Are you looking for reasons to learn English? Here we have 5 good reasons – Why you should learn the English language. English is the first language in many countries, although all might not be native English speakers English is the 2nd spoken language in countries where English is not the first language. The English language is essential for communication worldwide as it is considered as the language of business. This English lesson by Niharika brings you some good reasons to learn English. Watch our free 1500+ free English lessons to improve your spoken English and speak English fluently and confidently.

English is a Global Language

The first reason why you should learn English is that English as a language is spoken worldwide. Now when I say that English as a language is spoken worldwide, here I mean to say that people do understand or do speak English as their second language in many countries. So when it comes to travelling or visiting different countries, if the people do not speak your language, then English comes to the rescue. So a little knowledge or maybe basic knowledge of English is also very helpful when you visit different countries and try to speak or to try to get your way out in other countries.

English will open a world of new opportunities

The second reason that I have for you to learn English is that English will open up opportunities for you. Now if you have a good level of knowledge of English, you can speak effectively. Your communication skills will be great. Now if you are seeking employment or even if you’re travelling, then English as a language is very helpful and what’s more? now if you are taking up a job that is related to tourism or that includes too much of travelling or if you’re taking up a job with an airline or even in the film industry or with the media, where you’re supposed to travel too much, then English definitely opens up that opportunity to go ahead and take up that job because if you can speak effectively in English, then trust me you will also get that job and you will do great in that field.

English will make you a hot property

The third reason for you to learn English is that English will make you a hot property for the employers. Now employers always seek someone who speaks English because of course it’s the language that’s spoken worldwide and if you speak confidently if your communication skills are great, then that would reflect in you and that would help the employers to hire you. If you have good knowledge of English and if you speak good English, then you will be considered as a hot property in the market for the employers. So which means if you speak well, if your communication skills are great then employers will seek for you. They would love to hire you. Now English is also considered as a business language. Therefore employers want their employees to speak good English, especially if you have to travel too much or you have to converse with different clients who belong to different countries, then English is the language that’s gonna be helpful. Even when you use powerful English words in your resume or in your interview, people are really impressed. So it’s important for you to learn English if you wanna grow in your career.

English is a simple language to learn

The 4th reason that I have for you and I really encourage people to learn English is because English has simple alphabets. Unlike any other language, wherein the letters or the alphabets are so complicated, too many symbols, too many pictures and that just makes you very confused. Whereas when you are learning English, the alphabets are really simple and you don’t have to put on too much of accent to understand a certain pronunciation. It’s very easy to learn these alphabets. It’s very easy to write them and of course to pronounce them. So go ahead and pick up  English as your language to learn.

English is plain fun

The 5th and the last reason that I have for you to learn English is because English as a language is just plain fun. Now if you love to watch movies, if you are way too interested in TV soaps, in playing games or just being Facebook, then it’s important for you to understand English because English is widely used on the internet and of course, there are way too many movies and TV soaps which are English. So for example, we watch American Idol, we watch Master Chef, then we also watch so many movies. Well, they are all in English and they are absolutely fantastic. Well it’s quite an entertainment for us, right? So to understand this drama, to understand these movies, games and Facebook, it’s nice to know English, right? So go ahead and start learning  English.

This brings me to the end of this lesson and according to me, English is undoubtedly the best language to learn. so if you haven’t made your decision yet, then go ahead, please start learning English because it’s gonna be extremely helpful for you and you will love it too. There will be times when you’ll be confused, there will be times when you just want to give up but then have patience, do not lose hope and keep learning. I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then, you take care.

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