06 Reasons – What makes you unique? Un-lock your true potential

If you are wasting your time comparing yourself to others .. please realise you are unique there is no one else like you .. there never was and will never be another you .. in this whole universe! Yes the universe creates a YOU only once and you are born with your unique qualities and talent . I will give reasons to convince you that you are unique!

You have unique problems –

Did you ever notice you have your own unique set of issues and problems and you always feel no one has my circumstances .. say you have a complex relationship with your sister that only you can understand, or your health challenges are so unique that no one can relate to them .. well good morning !! That’s because you are you are unique.. so can anyone else really understand what it means to be you?

Do you know why you have unique problems because they are your unique battles that you have to win .. to fulfil your unique mission or unique work in this world .. so don’t look at them negatively, strive to overcome these problems .. they are there to test you and make you a stronger better person?

You have a unique story-

Everyone has a story … like in the theatre every character has a back story you have one too. it’s not similar to anyone else’s again because you are you right .. like the first time failed at something, the first time you fell in love, the first time you got your heart broken. it’s all a grand drama that is yours and yours alone .. so why would you ever think that you are like anyone else or that your life can be compared to another life? Would you compare an apple with an orange? Would you compare a cat with a dog? no right !!

So live out your unique life in your unique fashion and continue to write your unique story!

You have unique interests-

Now everyone has hobbies, interests but yours are yours … I know a lot of people like singing or dancing but can two people love music in the same manner? To the same degree? To the same intensity .. the answer is no! Though interests may be same, the way one feels about the hobby is different .. if you dance like no one is watching and feel amazing .. will your amazing be the same as your friends amazing ?? No way it’s different it’s unique .. that feeling is just yours because you are unique!

You have unique talents –

Now don’t confuse talents with interests, they are different .. you can have an interest in painting but you could be a terrible painter !! But then when it comes to pottery you don’t care that much about it but it just comes to you so easily that everybody is amazed .. so yes it’s different for each person .. your unique talents have been given to you to change the world in a unique manner .. to create value in the world in a unique manner .. just think about it , you know I’m right !

You have unique ideas –

Remember when you were in school .. and many times you may have forgotten to do your homework but you came with a different excuse for it each time when the teacher asked you .. how so? Where did you get all these ideas? How come your ideas were different from your friends ?? It’s because you are unique and so are your ideas .. your ideas can achieve the impossible !! If you only believe that they deserve respect and action because you are unique .. so act on your unique ideas and see the magic that happens for you!

You have unique solutions to put your ideas into practice

Now sometimes the universe may put the same idea into many brains .. yes it happens but you will have a unique solution to make that idea into reality .. like for example many people had the idea of creating an online platform where people can interact and post information About their life but it was Mark Zuckerberg who turned that idea into Facebook.. so yes you have a unique solution to ideas , the way you can solve a problem no one else can and the way they can solve a problem you can’t .. because we are all unique !! That is a fact!

Well, I really hope that are convinced now that you are unique so don’t stress, don’t compare .. follow your unique path and write your unique life story.

I want to quote Dr Daisaku Ikeda here who is a Japanese philosopher and has over 350 honorary doctorates .. he says

Each of us is as unique as a cherry, plum, peach or apricot blossom,  Cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are plum blossoms. Accordingly, you must bloom in the way that only you can.

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