06 tips to learn and remember a new English Vocabulary daily – Free English Lessons

The most important thing about learning vocabulary is to use new words and just reading a list of new words would not help. It is essential to remember the new word learnt so here are some tips that will help you to do so.

1) Use the new word in a sentence: After you have read the word and understood its meaning, use the new word in your own sentence. Try to create sentences in context with your daily life.

2) Look for grammatical Variations: Look for various grammatical forms of the new word that u learns.  For example the word entice is a verb where as the adjective form is enticing and the adverb is enticingly. Enticed would be the past and past participle of the word entice. Once you have the different grammatical forms you would end up learning many words just with one word.

3) Learn Associations and Connections: Try to associate and connect the word more with the help of the search engines like Google. Look for its synonyms and antonyms. Again this will help you to learn more words connected to the original word you have learnt.

4) Always carry a notepad with you: Write the word, its meaning and a sentence in a small notepad or your smart phone that you can carry it around. Go though these words in your spare time. This will help you to remember it well.

5) Make Flash Cards: Make little flash cards with each new word on one side and the meaning on the other. Put them on the ground and if the meaning is face up try to think of the word or vice versa.

6) Learn the word again before you forget: Don’t just learn or practice a word a day and then forget about it.  Its important to remember it.  Therefore to remember it reuse the word, keep practicing it till it sticks in your long term memory.

These six tips would help you to learn and remember new words and therefore increase your vocabulary which eventually would excel your communication skills.

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