06 tips to write effective emails.

For a thorough professional it is imperative to know how to write effective emails. The below mentioned tips will help you not only to write effectively but also to ensure that your emails are read and answered.

# Subject line-

What seems interesting to you may not be important for your reader so write a subject line which draws their interest and they are at least compelled to open the email.

# Keep the message focused-

Add an introductory line. Number your points to ensure that all are read. Write short paragraphs. Use caps only where required

# Avoid heavy attachments-

In order to ensure that your email is delivered, avoid heavy attachments. Instead you can copy the link and paste it in the body of the text. Apparently it will help your reader and not waste their time.

# Be kind, don’t flame

While you write- Remember that everything that is written is a record. If you find yourself writing in a bad mood STOP go get yourself a cup of coffee and calm down and then write. You don’t want to let anyone get a bitter taste through your email.

# Distinguish between a formal and informal situation-

Linguistic shortcuts are generally signs of friendly intimacy. Don’t use informal language when your reader expects a formal approach.

# Proofread-

While we are all blessed with spell check,Β  it won’t catch all the spelling errors. Therefore if your email has to be read by a superior or someone at a higher position take an extra minute to read your email thoroughly and then click send.


  • I have seen the video, but I would to know how to write a good letter with a teacher.
    than you

  • we are unable to play these videos in Pakistan because Youtube is blocked here.
    Please advise!

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