08 Funny Slang Words In English For Mistakes We Make.

Making mistakes may be unpleasant although potentially useful. Since we are human, they are also inevitable. A mistake is something that you have not done correctly. In this English Speaking lesson we will look at slang terms for the word mistake. These are fun words and may be if you use these words in your daily conversation,people may let go of your mistakes.

Blooper – A clumsy and embarrassing mistake,especially one made in public.
Example – Dropping the phone in the sink in front of so many people in a public washroom was a big blooper.

Boo-Boo – A silly or stupid mistake
Example – I will fire you if you make another boo boo

Slip up – Careless error
Example – My friend slipped up by calling his girlfriend by his ex’s name.

Boner – Foolish blunder
Example – My date was going well,but I spilled hot soup on her. I really bonered that date.

Screw up – To mess up something or to mess up a situation
Example – The chef screwed up the pizza.

Flub – To perform poorly or a thing badly done
Example – I totally flubbed my presentation at the conference yesterday.

Bungle- To work clumsily or a badly carried action
Example – The accounts department bungled the company’s accounts.

Goof up – Careless mistake because of irresponsible behavior
Example – She goofed up the job.

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